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MIG USA is a privately-owned holding company headquartered in High Point, North Carolina in the United States, with a regional office located in Ramallah, Palestine. MIG USA manages a wide range of investments, spanning across many disciplines including education, healthcare, trade, energy, agriculture, construction, real estate, entertainment, and other sectors.

MIG USA is the parent company of High Point Clinical Trials Center, MIG NOOR, HPC Global, Oasis Investments, SAMS Investments, Sunday’s International, Mjalli Foundation, The American University of Palestine, Mjalli Company & Co. for Construction & Contracting, Mjalli for Money Exchange, Mjalli Company for Exportation & Importation, MIG AG, Zain, Baby Fist and Reach Express.

MIG USA looks for long term strategic investments with a focus on human capital development and innovation, as well as philanthropic opportunities to stimulate economies.

MIG USA targets long term strategic investments


To invest in projects that stimulate economies.


To transform communities by creating opportunities.


Working as a team to advance projects towards positive global impacts for generations to come.



Chairman of the Board, President and CEO
Mjalli Investment Group USA (MIG USA)

Dr. Adnan M. M. Mjalli is an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the business of drug discovery and development of new medicines in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Dr. Mjalli is the founder of TransTech Pharma, LLC. (now vTv), High Point Clinical Trials Center, High Point Pharmaceuticals and PharmaCore (now Cambrex), all of which are drug discovery, development, commercialization and manufacturing companies. Dr. Mjalli served as Chairman and CEO of TransTech Pharma from December 1998-April 2014 and Chairman of PharmaCore from December 1999 – November 2017. He currently serves as CEO of High Point Clinical Trials Center.

Dr. Mjalli’s work goes well beyond the drug discovery and development arena. He is the founder of more than 20 other companies in many areas including education, energy, agriculture, construction, development, real estate, trade, finance and entertainment. These companies focus on Dr. Mjalli’s core values; science, education, technology and the advancement of human capital in developing countries.

Dr. Mjalli attended university in Jordan and graduate school in London, England before obtaining his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry in 1989 from the University of Exeter, UK. His post-doctoral work was completed at the University of Rochester under Professor Richard S. Schlessinger. Since that time, Dr. Mjalli has held various positions of increasing responsibility in research and senior management at several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including Merck & Co., Inc. and Ontogen Corporation. To date, Dr. Mjalli has authored hundreds of scientific papers, four book chapters and has been named as an inventor on more than 700 patents and patent applications.

Dr. Mjalli also served on the Board of Directors of Siga Technologies, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, the Guilford Technology Community College (GTCC) Board, and the High Point Economic Development Corporation. Currently, Dr. Mjalli serves on the High Point University Board, The Foundation Board of GTCC, High Point Chamber of Commerce, the Arab American University, the American Task Force on Palestine, the America-Mideast Educational and Training Service, Inc.(AMIDEAST), and is a member of the American Chemical Society, a member of the Board of Al-Quds University, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of Al-Quds Bard College, an honorary fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences, and an honorary member of the Palestine Academy of Science and Technology.

Dr. Mjalli has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his companies listed above. He has also structured, negotiated, and concluded in excess of a dozen, multibillion-dollar deals with major global pharmaceutical companies.

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North Carolina, USA – Office Headquarters

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North Carolina, USA – Office Headquarters


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MIG USA targets long term strategic investments